Psoriasis Revolution Review – Skin-Saving Coup

I am not one to advocate joining a revolution, but I’ll make an exception with jumping on the psoriasis revolution bandwagon.

After reading Dan Crawford’s 266 page primer, Psoriasis Revolution, I’m now in a position to recommend this resource, outlined in this Psoriasis Revolution review.

Intractable Psoriasis – When Will it Go Away?

You know all too well the symptoms of psoriasis: red inflamed patches, silvery scales, and unsightly, painful pustules that can appear just about anywhere and everywhere on the body.

You know the looks it engenders in people, the rude comments it initiates, and the feelings of self-consciousness it can provoke.

You also may have been told that its incurable, and that while it can go into a pseudo-form of remission, it’s always ready to manifest itself, raising its ugly head.

Dan Crawford, a long-term sufferer of psoriasis, begs to differ with the conventional medical community’s collective mindset on psoriasis.  He believes that this problematic skin condition can be completely conquered.  In fact, he prefers to view this malady as a manifestation of inner imbalance as opposed to just an on-the-surface skin condition.

If you’ve been victimized by psoriasis plaque for years, frustrated by standard medical options, you may be ready to wage war on this auto-immune ailment.

Dan Crawford’s perspective is to look within and restore imbalance, perk up the immune system, and let your natural defenses lead to you a psoriasis-free life.  He asserts that his revolutionary protocol can work in an little as 30 to 60 days.

Psoriasis Revolution Review – Building Anti-Psoriasis Immunity

Our immune system is dedicated to ensure our natural preservation.  It produces fighter T-cells to thwart pathogens that may compromise health.

Folks with psoriasis tend to produce an excess of these fighter cells.  This leads to inflammation, causing skin cells to be trapped on the skin’s surface.  They multiply at an alarming rate and result in thick scaliness, or what is deemed an accumulation of cytokines.

This type of inflammation may be itchy, prompting scratching, which in turn, causes more of these fighter cells to be released.  The cycle continues without interruption, contributing to the formation of psoriasis plaque.

In essence, a psoriasis patient’s immune system is on perpetual overdrive.  It is out of balance and not functioning optimally.  By enhancing the immune system, improving its performance,  fighting soldier cells may only be utilized where and when necessary.

As such, part of Dan Crawford’s defeat psoriasis plan is dedicated to build a powerful immune system.

As such, in Psoriasis Revolution, you’ll learn about the restorative powers of sleep.  Your immune system functions best when you’re not engaged in any other activity, save for rest

You’ll also be privy to the connection between exercise and psoriasis.  There is one type of exercise, aerobic exercise, that can keep your immune system and skin in tip-top shape.  Even 30 minutes a day, three times a week, can help rev up immunity and alleviate stress which happens to be another psoriasis trigger.

You’ll also be more keenly aware of the role of hydration.  Six to eight glasses of water is a necessity for those dealing with psoriasis.

But most of Psoriasis Revolution’s eye-opening information deals with the pivotal role of diet.  There are foods that contribute towards psoriasis’s development, and those that actually exert a favorable, counter-psoriasis influence.  One crucial point that is expounded on in the book: maintaining the delicate acid/alkaline balance.

While Dan Crawford is not a health food fanatic, he definitely has his opinions regarding ‘should and should not eat’ foods.  Diet manipulation is so important with psoriasis control, if not its eradication.  And there are even healthy foods, such as tomatoes, that may have a deleterious effect when it comes to this ailment.  Therefore, diet discussion is one of the most important topics in this guide.

Psoriasis Revolution also includes sample meals to combat psoriasis.  You will not feel deprived as there are a lot of ‘go to’ foods you can eat.

Take One Vital Step Closer to a Psoriasis-Free Life

Beyond a Specialized Diet

Even Dan Crawford would acknowledge that one specialized diet cannot possibly work for all folks.  In fact, he would state that you should take a self-assessment and see what food staples may be causing skin distress.  Indeed, you may be allergic to a food source that is compounding the problem.

Also, you should pay strict attention to the adverse role that gluten, and especially yeast, may play in contributing to this inner imbalance.  You may want to investigate a gluten-free diet (or one that substantially lowers gluten) and/or one that kills off a candida yeast infection.  (The author asserts that candida may very well be another psoriasis trigger.)

You may also need to replenish and re-colonize friendly bacteria.  This is especially true if you’re seemingly on a merry-go-round of antibiotics.  Probiotics may very well may be the missing link in your individual physiology.

To fortify diet and combat a psoriasis condition, he also recommends other psoriasis treatment: supplements – both vitamins (e.g., vitamin C)  and minerals (zinc) – and herbal formulations (e.g., echinacea).  He also advocates certain herbal teas and juice cleansing cocktails.

All holistic treatments should boost immunity, restore acid/alkaline balance, and deal with the suspected culprits of candida yeast.  The last point should not be taken likely.  Dan Crawford believes that an inner candida-free environment can pave the way for a psoriasis-free existence.

The Emotional Impact of Psoriasis
This disease or dis-ease is more than skin-deep.  It can really cause havoc with self-esteem and self-concept.  It can also lead to social withdrawal as folks may feel emotionally vulnerable, intimidated to be around judgmental people.

Psoriasis Revolution therefore includes discussion on  how to combat stress, encouraging the body to release toxins naturally, without having to do so via the skin.

You’ll discover relaxation exercises (e.g., deep breathing) that will alleviate tension.  You’ll also be in awe of how spinal manipulation can lead to dramatic psoriasis improvement.

Addressing the emotional side of psoriasis is one of Dan Crawford’s 7-step anti-psoriasis pillars.

Psoriasis Revolution System – The Pros

The system is easy-to-follow yet thorough.  It seems to tackle all possible psoriasis triggers.

The book details many psoriasis remedies and treatments.  Even if you cannot follow all recommended courses of action, you’ll have an ample array of them.

This guide should not only arrest psoriasis but promote health.  You’ll be able to implement a very hearty and health-sustaining nutrition plan.

The author covers, in detail, the intricacies of the skin and psoriasis, so you’ll know the rationale behind his suggestions.

The author also discusses standard medical options – their pros and cons.  It’s a very fair-minded, balanced read.

The advised foods, supplements, teas, and drinks are readily accessible.

Dan Crawford also includes external psoriasis treatments.  You’ll finally have a list of formulations that can actually bring psoriasis relief.

The book is well-written and even discusses medical points in clear layman’s terms.  (Yes, I actually have the resource in my possession.)

Other Psoriasis Revolution reviews and feedback has been overwhelmingly popular.  This is no scam, providing worthless information.

The Psoriasis Revolution book comes with bonuses – other health-related material.  If you purchase the book through any of our links, you’ll be entitled to even more bonuses.

The guide is affordably priced at $47 and comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Unappealing Aspects of this Revolution

Implementing the protocol takes some work on your part.  There is no magic bullet to eradicate psoriasis.>

There is additional cost involved with the purchase of supplements and herbs.

There is no guarantee that the program will work.  Individual response may vary.

Psoriasis Revolution Review – Final Word

Dan Crawford has written an all-encompassing, complete primer on a skin problem that continues to plague millions.  He has addressed it from an inside-out approach, recommending treatment that is likely to fortify the immune system, marshal inherent natural defenses, and fight toxins and infections.

He discusses the entire kit and kaboodle of psoriasis causes, symptoms, and treatment.  His options are myriad, including diet, supplementation, and herbs.

There are also ‘aha moments,’ including how spinal adjustment can impact psoriasis.  There is other ‘I should have thought about that insight,’ including the yeast-psoriasis connection.

While this resource cannot take the place of individual diagnosis and treatment from a dermatologist or medical practitioner, it serves as an investment in ancillary self-treatment.

Become a Psoriasis Revolutionary and reap the rewards of a psoriasis-free life.

Psoriasis Resource

Psoriasis Revolution review recommends the holistic strategies outlined in Dan Crawford's Psoriasis Revolution